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What Does Trustworthy and Credible MTurk Research Look Like? Recommendations and Checklist

Did you know that the use of MTurk for research purposes has increased more than 20 times in the past 10 years? Are you interested in using MTurk for your own research and want to make sure you do things right? Have you recently read a study that used an MTurk sample and are wondering […]

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How to Write, Evaluate, and Use Methodological Literature Reviews

There is a genuine hunger among the social and behavioral scientists for how-to information. Today, Business and Management INK brings you an essay from the president-elect of the Academy of Management, Herman Aguinis from the George Washington University Business School’s Department of Management; Ravi S. Ramani, an assistant professor of organizational behavior and human resource […]

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And So to Conclude: In Search of a Happy Ending

Is there anything worse than writing conclusions? Even beginnings are easier, I find, than summing up, because I can trick myself into starting by telling myself ‘I’m just taking some notes‘. ‘I’ll put that quotation I like as an epigram.’ And don’t get me wrong. I love reading conclusions. What academic doesn’t? I could never read EVERYTHING in full, […]

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Academic Writing with Pen in Hand

Academic Writing Month is a focus for SAGE MethodSpace each November. Each year we offer posts about the practical skills and forms or publication relevant to researchers and writers. (See the unfolding series for AcWriMo 2020.) I wrote this post for AcWriMo 2018, but today is Fountain Pen Day, so I am revisiting it. During […]

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Forget Publish or Perish – It’s #VisibleOrVanish

On MethodSpace, Academic Writing Month 2020 is focusing on Publishing Trends, and What They Mean for Academic Writers.  One trend is an increased interest in moving beyond the dominance of print, and sharing research and findings using media. In this guest post, Dr. Tullio Rossi talks about the steps you can take to ensure that […]

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Qualitative Research Reading Lists

The NVivo Virtual Conference 2020, Qualitative Research in a Changing World, is a gathering of global researchers, academic writers, and students. If you are attending, you will recognize that these topics correspond to conference tracks: Arts-Based and Creative Approaches Data Collection with Online and Digital Methods Doctoral Students Participatory Action Research Research in Teams Using NVivo […]

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